Legal Practice

Litigation and Arbitration

practica 19 grandeA substantial portion of N&P’s activity is devoted to advising clients facing all types of conflicts or outright litigation, whether before local or foreign courts or arbitration panels. The firm has litigated on behalf of both creditors or debtors at the Federal, provincial or city levels, including before the Federal Supreme Court.


The firm has been extremely successful in litigating in favor of major clients such as Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation (in order to swiftly repossess machinery in a way that, at the same time, was tax-efficient), UBS (in the enforcement of mortgages upon substantial real estate assets), the Inter-American Investment Corporation (collections under syndicated loan agreements), Rothschild Bank AG, etc.


N&P’s litigants intervene in all stages of any type of conflict entrusted to the firm (whether civil or commercial), from the initial strategy to the production of evidence to the negotiation of a possible settlement.


The type of court activities the firm is usually engaged in includes probate proceedings, enforcement and domestication of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, etc.


Several N&P’s partners have acted as arbitrators, expert witnesses or mediators in complicated local or international cases.