Legal Practice

Composition, Bankruptcy and Reorganization Proceedings

practica 08 grandeA swift and experienced handling of complicated corporate debt rescheduling and bankruptcy matters has turned N&P into one of the leading Argentine firms in this complicated area of the law.


The firm offers its clients (whether debtor companies or financial or commercial creditors) comprehensive legal services throughout all stages of composition, bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings. N&P has shown its impeccable credentials advising creditors in some of the most complicated corporate reorganizations in Argentina (Aerolíneas Argentinas, Sociedad Comercial del Plata, Gatic, etc.)


As a consequence of its expertise on these matters, the firm was asked to advise Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank and BNP-Paribas in their claims against one of the largest Argentine grain traders. N&P has also advised Société Générale and other bondholders in their claims against the holding company of a leading natural gas distributor.


N&P has also acted on behalf of corporate debtors interested in the restructuring of their liabilities, including Holcim Ltd’s local subsidiary, Quad/Graphics Argentine affiliate, the largest Argentine logistics provider and a leading supplier of auto parts to Renault, General Motors and FIAT Iveco.