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Art law


obra-big-150x150Perhaps one of the few (if not the only one) law firm involved in art law in Argentina, N&P offers its clients a wide array of legal services in this area: from the negotiation and drafting of art work purchase agreements to estate matters involving the artistic production of local painters or sculptors. (It should be borne in mind that ordinary civil rules do not necessarily apply when an artist or writer passes away).
The firm has been involved in the probate proceeding of noted local artists; in the negotiation and settlement of disputes between artists and gallerists; in the location of missing artwork; in the investigation of possible copyright infringement by well know international artists; in the creation of foundations to manage the artistic heritage of deceased artists, etc.
One of our partners, member of the panel of mediators created by the International Council of Museums and the World Intellectual Property Organization, has written the chapter on Argentine law and practice of the recently published “Legal Manual for the Art Collector” (Thompson Reuters), launched on June 2013 in Venice shortly before the Biennale.